Sunday, November 20, 2011

Women of Faith

God has such an amazing way of bringing people into our lives when we need them. Aimee is another missionary who has been living near us the past few months, and we've all enjoyed so much getting to know her. She works primarily with women and a couple months ago helped us start a study for our women with some fantastic resources in Portuguese. It has been such a wonderful encouragement for me and the women have loved it as we learn more about God through a study of women of the Bible.

Emily (standing next to me) and I will continue to lead the study as Amiee heads back to the US for her furlough this week. The women planned a surprise good-bye party for Aimee at yesterday's study and bought her the traditional cloth that is worn here around the waist and as a head piece.

Please pray for the wonderful women in our study (several were not able to be there yesterday) as they grow in their faith, and for Aimee as she travels back to the US.



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