Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope for the Hopeless: 2nd Update

Scott and the team were able to complete two of the houses today and continued to work on three and four.

The first house was presented to a single mother of six. They didn’t have a roof over where they slept, so if it rained, they had to move under a tree. Tonight they will sleep in a house with a roof and a door. Scott said that for some of the kids, it would be for the first time.

The second house was presented it to an old woman who is deaf. She is so thankful and said, “I want to live here now!”

Lastly, Scott asked for prayers for the team that it won’t rain tonight as clouds are moving in. They are sleeping in tents in the middle of the bush and would prefer to stay dry so they don't have to deal with drying things tomorrow as they try to finish up the last two houses.

Be blessed,


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