Thursday, October 13, 2011

Help for the Hopeless

For those of you who might have missed some of my previous posts, Scott is currently about four hours north with some of the disciples from here. Thanks to the generosity of those who gave toward this need, they are spending the week building house for several elderly who don't have anywhere to live. During the evening, they are spending their time sharing God's word. Follow up will be done through the disciples of missionary friends we know.

Here is an update from Scott. I will have photos and video to share after they return home tomorrow.

"I slept much better last night after finally working out the bedding and sleeping bag issues. Even with my little mat, the ground was hard, but after adding some air it was better.

We have made progress over the past two days. We have two houses framed and started on the 3rd. The only thing lacking on houses 1 and 2 is the thatching. We were lacking grass because someone had died in the family of the people who were to bring it. 

The living conditions have been very bad. The first woman made the guys laugh when she shared how she had to sleep with her feet out the door because it was too small and they would get wet. 

The second place was even worse. The structure the women was living under had fallen halfway. She said that when it rains there isn't any dry place so she just has to wait until it stops raining and then mover all her stuff outside to dry. 

I was not prepared for the 3 place. It was for a mother with 6 children. There was no roof and actually only had had something to break the wind on two sides. Even David got a bit choked up. 

Mornings come very early - even for me. I am awake about 4:30 each morning, but try to stay in bed at least until 5. 

Thanks for your prayers!

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