Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank you, Creek Kids!

Yesterday, I mentioned our launch of the ECHO Project, a ministry that will reach out to those we are working with in Africa who are in need physically. Today, I want to share how God is already using people to make a difference.

Creek Kids on Mission, the elementary classes from Sugar Creek Baptist Church, have been saving money in banks for the past few weeks. Part of the money they have been collecting is going to help a young boy who is in one of our house churches. He needs an operation, but he will have to go to South Africa. Without the operation, he will continue losing his motor skills and eye sight. The other part of the money will go to help pay for nutritional supplements for children in need.

Last Sunday, we visited a half a dozen of the elementary classes and had a great time interacting with the children. It was such an encouragement to us to hear that not only did they know who we were and who we are working with, but that they had been praying for us. And the money they collected--over $2400--will make a big difference in these children's lives!

Thank you Creek Kids on Mission!


  1. How precious.
    What a blessing!

  2. Lisa, your encouragement to dream big and never stop dreaming was a blessing to my heart. Bill told you that we adopted Zakiah ~ she wants a sibling. :) After reading your comment, my heart was rekindled with the dream I have always had of having a "big house" for children. I don't know when or where or how but I know God does. Thanks for your encouragement and for all that you are doing for children and others.
    Be Blessed! Alicia

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Alicia. You are an encouragement to me today! I love seeing God's working in people's lives when they, like you, step forward in faith and follow the dreams and plans He's placed on their hearts.

    Blessings, Lisa