Thursday, November 04, 2010

Disciples making Disciples

November Update from Lisa Harris on Vimeo.

When we were getting ready to leave Mozambique for our furlough, several of the disciples came to Scott, concerned that while we were gone, everything was going to fall apart. Our teammates, Luiz and Fernanda had to go back to Brazil for a couple weeks at the same time we left, so this only added to their concern.

But we saw things differently as we continually encourage them to make their faith and this ministry their own. We saw it as a chance for them to rise up and grow spiritually. And they were not alone, but have the Holy Spirit working in them.

We have already seen tremendous signs of their grown over the past few months. On Monday, we had five more baptisms. Three were students who attended our English camp, and two are disciples of disciples. After the baptisms, one of our young disciples decided that as a group they needed to do something to help these new young believers. Spiritual attacks are always heavy and family situations can be difficult as well.

On their own, the disciples decided that they would spend the rest of the week fasting and praying that God would strengthen the new believers. Praise God for the growth of the Christians. Pray that God will answer their prayers and strengthen the new believers as they begin this new journey of faith.

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