Monday, October 25, 2010

Mutiny on the high seas...

We're feeling pretty settled into our new home now and are so blessed with a furnished four bedroom/four bathroom house while we are here. The kids have already had friends over and we are looking forward to hosting a number of dinners in the coming weeks to connect with people.

There has been one hang up to the housing situation, though. Typically, in our family, everyone has specific jobs they have to do from keeping rooms clean to taking out the trash to taking care of their animals. There is one thing, though, that up until now, they have never had to do.

Clean the toilet.

I decided though, since each child has their own bathroom, each child will clean their own bathroom. So on Friday, I gave instructions to each child on how to clean the "dreaded" toilet.

I was greeted with, well, shall I say, shocked reactions.

"You can't be serious, mom?"

"You want me to touch what?"

"But boys have peed in this toilet!"

"Are you making my brother and sister clean theirs, too?"

"I've decided I don't really need my own bathroom. I'll just go outside."

Hmm...we'll see if week two goes better, but at least everyone now has a clean bathroom!


  1. Oh Lisa! Too funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I never even realized y'all didn't have indoor toilets in Africa! Scrubbing Bubbles makes a toilet wand. It hangs neatly on the side of the toilet until you need it. You put either a disposable little sponge or a flushable softer cleaning cloth filled with blue cleaner when you need to use it. I confess -- I haven't touched the inside of a toilet in years now.

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Lisa - that is one of the funniest 'blogs' that I've ever read! Ah...the sweet (questionable) lessons of life! Praise God that SOAP is so easy to get in the United States!
    Cousin A

  4. We've had a lot of laughs over this as well. And while we do have indoor bathrooms in Africa, Donna, it is also common, for my boys for example, to ummm...wonder into the bush as well. LOL

  5. LOL...that's our dreaded chore as well, we only have 2 bathrooms.

  6. In Mozambique we only have two bathrooms which is why the kids have managed to avoid cleaning them. :-)