Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paris...oh la la!

I'll plan to post more photos from France later, but (as requested) here are a few from the Eiffel Tower yesterday. I had a poster of the tower hanging on my wall as a teenager and always dreamed of traveling and visiting Paris in particular. And while my kids probably won't really appreciate this trip until they are older, I'm loving sharing the city with them. I think their favorite part was taking the stairs (down) the tower.

We were planning to return to where we are staying by dinnertime as the kids were tired, but decided at the last minute to take the boat through the city. I'm so glad we did, because I'd wanted to see the city, and especially the Eiffel Tower lit up. It was so beautiful and worth staying out late. On the hour, thousands of little white lights come on and twinkle as well. Fantastic!


  1. Wow. Amazing place to be. Paris!!

  2. Beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing.