Saturday, September 25, 2010

A taste of Kenya

Two days ago we were walking through the African bush, looking for zebra and giraffe. Today, we're a continent away, spending time outside Amsterdam with some long-time family friends. Our time in Kenya went very well. We ended up spending up most of our time at the school and we were so impressed with everything we saw. (The photos are on a different camera, so I'll post some later.) Gabe was able to take a placement test, we had dinner with a sister of a friend of mine, ate in the cafeteria, toured the school, and overall had a fantastic time.

Time on the internet is short, but here are a few photos from our one day we were able to spend north of the school at one of the country's game parks.

For the weekend, we will be spending our time here near Amsterdam, then leave Monday for France where we will see some other close friends later in the week.

More soon!



  1. You should be a photographer for National Geographic! These are wonderful!

  2. I love the pictures.
    The zebra are awesome.

  3. Good job on the photos. My dad went to Africa when he was in college and went on a photo safari. He said that the only pictures he got of the zebras was the back end. LOL! You did much better. :) Hope you enjoy Amsterdam. The cheeses are super yummy.

  4. I don't know why, Anita, but the animals don't always pose the way you want them to. And they rarely turn around when I ask them to. LOL Sometimes, though, they do cooperate. I do love those zebra.