Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo Tribute to Allen

I'd wanted to post this short video tribute when we heard Allen had died, but with the internet off for most of the past week and only the use of a slow cell phone modem, I wasn't able to post it. So I prayed tonight that God would please get my internet working so I could talk to Scott via Skype while he is gone and now it works! God really does care about the little things.

It's been a bittersweet day with Scott on a plane back to the states while I stayed finished up a novel due tomorrow that I'd planned to dedicate to Allen. Much of the inspiration for this story came from him and from books in his wonderful library. What brings me joy is knowing he is in a much better place. Thank you so much for all the precious words of encouragement from so many of you. What a blessing to know so many people are praying for Janelle and her family as begin a new season of life.

Be blessed today!



  1. Oh Lisa! We are praying for you all and wish we could take all the pain away. What amazes me is that God knew and prepared your family to take over. I truly believe that he will give you all you need to get through this sad time and continue to grow his kingdom in Africa. WE love you, Kerrie

  2. so sorry the video does not work for me that you left for Allen. I am not sure who he was but I am so sorry for your lost. May God be with you.

    When will your new book be out I sure wish to get to review it. I loved Blood Ransom. Check out my blog


  3. Thank you so much for your sweet words ladies. It's hard not to be with the family right now, but I really do feel a joy and peace that Allen is free and with God today!

    I'm thrilled you enjoyed Blood Ransom, Edna! Book two, Blood Covenant will be released in February along with a historical romantic called An Ocean Away which is also set partly in Africa.

  4. Lovely photos, Lisa, and brings back even more vividly that special time with you all in Johannesburg five years ago. Thank you for sharing them with us. We contiue to pray for you all.

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Hello Lisa. I am sorry you cannot be with family during this time, but know that many people are praying for you and your comfort as well. You are in my prayers. Jeanne Corrigan

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments and for your prayers. We appreciate it so much!

  7. I praise God for the opportunity to meet Allen!! But I praise Him more because I'll have this opportunity again for all eternity!! And surely I praise my God for have friends so loved like all of you became for me and my family!!

  8. I am so glad that my family and I could meet Allen... We love you all and be sure that you are always in our prayers.