Monday, April 19, 2010

Katy Team arrives!

I've been offline the past few days as we've been ministering at a village about 45 minutes from our house with the team from Katy, Texas. It's been such an encouragement for us to have them here!

I have posted several videos on the team's Facebook page you might enjoy, so please visit there if you are interested in seeing some of the incredible things that God is doing! I will continue to post videos and photos throughout the week on that page. I've also posted a few photos here.

Last night after spending part of the day in the village teaching, visiting families, and praying for people, about 500 people showed up to watch the Jesus film!

We returned to day and there was about 100 people ready to here more about the Good News of Jesus.

Please pray that God will continue to do amazing things and for wisdom as we follow up in the coming weeks and months with those interested in learning more. We have had numerous issues in the past few days, so just irritations like lack of electricity, car troubles, washing machine troubles. Other things have been more serious. For those of you who know our David Nkuna, (he's one of our evangelists and our main translator) his sister died today. His family left this morning to go be with his family.

On a brighter note, the kids have loved having the team here and all the goodies like starbursts, jelly beans, and macaroni and cheese. For me, it's been a blessing to see friends from last year and to make some new ones. I was also excited to see a copy of Blood Ransom for the first time!

Thanks for your continued prayers!



  1. You probably are really happy about the new group coming to help.


  2. Love you Lisa and we will pray against the things that will take the focus off of Jesus. How awesome to see 500 spiritually hungry people ready to learn about Jesus! Its the reason I don't wish the Lord to return too many souls in need of his love and you know I believe God so wants his children with Him as much as they need to be. Its mutual. Jesus is the bridge between the two. We just have to show the way somehow. Thank you for loving enough to minister and show the way! God bless you with the time with the Katy team:)

    4:07 AM