Thursday, April 15, 2010

Visit with doctor/author Harry Kraus (Book giveaway!)

I met Harry Kraus last year at a writer's conference after listening to him give the morning devotional. I was especially interested in what he had to say because not only is Harry a writer, but a missionary surgeon to Africa as well.

Today, he'll be sharing with us about his latest release, and if you jump on over to my blog with Lynne Gentry at Inspire. Be Inspired, you can hear more from Harry in a short, inspiring post on what motivates him to use his talents in Africa.

LISA: Welcome to my blog, Harry! Tell us a bit about yourself.

HARRY: I'm a missionary surgeon, having practiced for four years in Kenya and have a special interest in outreach to the Somali people. I am currently on furlough in Virginia. I've written a dozen novels and three non-fiction titles. I am married to a wonderful woman who has "bucked up" and followed me on many adventures including uprooting our family to Africa and back twice (and looking at going back again!). I have three sons: the oldest two graduated from high school in Kenya and are attending universities in the US and my third son lives with us and is attending high school.

LISA: Give us a blub about your latest release, The Six Liter Club.

HARRY: The Six-Liter Club tells the story of the first African-American female to become a trauma surgery attending at the Medical College of Virginia. She has to overcome gender bias and fight to be recognized for her surgical skill rather than her physical attributes. She is haunted by terror from her past: she is the orphan daughter of parents killed in Congo during the Simba Rebellion. The novel is part thriller, part romance and as always, has a Kraus signature of medical realism.

LISA: I can't wait to read it! What is some of the background behind the idea of your latest release?

HARRY: I was sitting in church one Sunday listening to my pastor tell a story of some missionaries that were killed during the Simba rebellion. Soon, I was daydreaming. What if....

LISA: Ahhh.. the constant question of a writer. :-) What kind of research did you have to do for this story?

HARRY: I read true accounts of Christian martyrs killed during the Simba rebellion. I also had to refresh my mind on the topic of the controversy of breast cancer treatment during the 1980's (when it was first discovered that you could treat breast cancer with something less than removal of the whole breast).

LISA: What motivates you to keep writing?

HARRY: I love the creative process and I totally believe in the power of story to illustrate Biblical truth.

Thanks so much for joining us today! Harry has offered to do a book giveaway, so if you'd like a chance to win a copy of The Six-Liter Club please leave a comment below and a way for me to contact you if your names is drawn. Contest will end midnight EST on April 21 and is limited to US mailing addresses.

And before you leave, please visit our Inspired. Be Inspired blog to hear more from Harry.

Be blessed today!


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  1. Harry Kraus is my favorite of favorites when it come to medical mystery/suspense. Please enter me. I've almost of of his other books. Thank you.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. sounds like a great read, I'd like to enter

  3. Hi everyone, Harry here. Thanks Lisa for the interview! I noticed a typo in your announcement about a give-away. It says, "The Six-Litter Club". What's that, a new novel about trash? Ha! Just kidding, sis, no prob. Grace, Harry Lee

  4. Caught your attention, right? :-)

  5. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I have enjoyed all of Dr Kraus's novels that I have read so are truly a master storyteller. Can't wait to read your latest. Thank you for the chance.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  6. I also have enjoyed all of Harry's previous books and am looking forward to this one.

  7. The book sounds great! Please enter me in the drawing.

  8. The book sounds wonderful. Brent just ordered me a copy.

    Abby is in the hospital again. We would appreciate your prayers.

  9. I know so little about African History. The Simba Rebellion sounds fascinating--love the combo with medicine. Sounds like a winner.

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by! Am praying for Abby, Michelle.

  11. Oh dear--another great sounding book to put on my expanding "want to read" list. I know absolutely nothing about the Simba Rebellion, but this book sounds like a great way to learn. Please enter me in the drawing.


  12. Hey! What a great topic! Looking forward to reading it.

    God bless you, Dr. Kraus, for the work you do!

    Dawn Michelle Michals

  13. Great interview!
    I would love a chance at this book.