Monday, September 21, 2009

ACFW Writer's Conference

I arrived back at my in-laws after a wonderful writer's conference in Denver. It was such a blessing to connect with so many friends. I roomed with Patty Slack, who's been a special friend since college and Lynne Gentry, an longtime close friend who I co-wrote a Medical Thriller with. We laughed, stayed up way to late, and encouraged each other. It was also such a blessing to connect with other long-time crit partners, friends, and editors, Beth, Debbie, Susan, Janice, Darlene, Ronie, Mary, Rachel, Sue, Jeane. . .and so many more wonderful novelists and editors.

One of the highlights was spending a day learning from a leader in the publishing industry, Donald Maass. If you're a writer, I highly recommend his book, The Breakout Novel, as well as any of his in-person classes. He really knows how to help you push your novel to the next level.

I borrowed a camera, so my photos didn't turn out the best (and I wish I'd taken more!), but I'll post the ones below that turned out fairly well. :-)

I'm on my way to my mother's tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing her. Thanks so much to all of you who are praying for this upcoming trip as we have some important things to accomplish, as well as Allen and Janelle as he continues to go through treatment.



Posin' with Patty

Deborah Vogts & Beth Goddard, longtime friends and crit partners

Ronie Kendig, another international suspense writer!

Sue Brower, my wonderful editor from Zondervan.

Mary Hawkins from Tasmania who once visited us in South Africa. It was a joy to see her after all these years.

Lynne Gentry, fellow writer, co-author, and friend

Lena Dooley, one of my first writing mentors who taught me so much


  1. wonderful to see you again, and thanks for signing my copy of Revenge...hope you have safe travels back to Africa.

  2. I was thrilled to see you and your daughter! Enjoy the book. :-)