Friday, July 17, 2009

We're moving!

Now, normally, such a statement would make me want to run and hide, but this move won't be to another country. Just down the road a couple miles. While we've enjoyed our last year in the house we're currently in, including the friends my kids have made, there have been a few drawbacks that we won't miss leaving behind.

The house above us, for instance, was supposed to be finished about a year ago, but the construction, it seems, is never ending. This also means little privacy and lots of noise with all the workers in out at all hours of the day (even peaking through our windows if we're watching a video. ) Add to that a smelly chicken coup right behind us and very little yard and, well, we've been ready to move for quite sometime.

The problem, though, is that it isn't easy to find housing here. We started spreading the word that we are looking for housing for our teammates later this year, and in the process hoped we might find something for ourselves as well. I spoke to a friend last weekend to let her know that we were looking. The next day, a lady stopped by looking for someone to rent her house. We looked, just to see. . .And loved it.

The new house
After that, the details, just seemed to fall into place. It's a bit smaller and doesn't have any closets, but other than that it's perfect for us. Scott will finally have an office outside in the garage, and we have a large yard. The other fun thing is that the roof has been made into a balcony that overlooks the bay. The view is stunning, and I'm so looking forward to being able to step outside my house and not step into a construction site. Many of our electrical issues should also be fixed as the house is grounded (no more getting shocked) and the power should be steadier.

Another exciting thing is that the house comes partially furnished with things like a fridge, washing machine, microwave, beds, and dressers. Now while we don't need the furniture, our new teammates do. And the owner, who lives overseas, is happy with them using whatever they need!

God is so good!




  1. Congradulations and GOD bless, andrea

  2. I'm glad you've been able to find a house that's suits you - congrats!
    Have a great weekend and God bless you

  3. Thank you, ladies! It's going to be SUCH a blessing!

  4. Yay! What a lovely little home, and how wonderful that God has given some 'extras' to make it special. I'd love to see that view from the balcony.

  5. I'll definitely post photos once we are moved in. I have a feeling I'll be watching a lot of sunsets up there. :-)