Sunday, July 19, 2009

English Camp!

PHOTO: Sunday worship at David's house church

It's been a busy weekend for us, as the team from Houston arrived Friday night after a long drive from the capital. After a good night sleep with the sound of the Indian Ocean in the background, we spend Saturday getting to know the team, resting, surfing, and planning for the English camp. There were a few hiccups, like the rented van getting stuck in the sand, a dead battery, and a lost pair of car keys that miraculously appeared the moment we started praying as a group.

PHOTO: Ricardo leading worship

We left the beach early Sunday morning and spent the day in worship at two places. The first was at David's house church. Ricardo (one of our future teammates) led worship and the team did a short drama on Abraham and Isaac that was well received.

PHOTO: Drama on Abraham and Isaac.

In the afternoon, we went to a village where Scott has been teaching in for the past six weeks ago. They were joined by another group we've been working with in the area as well. In the village, Elizabeth (our original contact who first invited Scott and David to come) and her family have faithfully coming every Wednesday to hear about God's word. Yesterday about fifty came for the worship and drama. This was my first time to the village, and I loved sitting with the women, holding the babies, and getting to know them. One lady asked me when I was coming back, and I was so happy to be able to tell her that I would be back soon. I can't wait to get to know them better.

PHOTO: Time in Elizabeth's village

After our time in Elizabeth's village, the team stopped at a local restaurant to eat before settling in at the camp. It took about two hours for them to get their food and Scott even had to end up taking his in a take away box because it wasn't ready until everyone else had eaten! I drove home last night (I'll be staying at home with the kids this week) while the team continued working out details for the trip then went to bed at the camp where they will be staying this week.


PHOTO: Elizabeth's village

This morning, the group of students from Mozambique that will be at the camp met at the boat docks to cross the bay. I have to admit that I was pretty emotional as I watched them board the boat. I'm so excited to see what God has planned in the lives of both the team from the States and the group from here. Many hours have been put into the planning and I know that everyone is going to enjoy their time together. Please pray for all those involved in this English Camp.

On a side note, thanks to all of you for your congrats on our new house. We are so looking forward to making the move in the next couple weeks. I'll post more photos then! We've been studying the story of Abraham and Isaac the past couple weeks in our home churches, and I was struck again by God's provision to Abraham with the ram He provided for the sacrifice. This drama was acted out this week by the Sugarcreek Team (see the photo above) and every one loved it!

Also, Angel asked where you can find my books. Most of my books can be ordered on Amazon or I found out that Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio doesn't officially release until August 1, but it was printed early for a Sam's Club special promotion and will be available in Walmart stores soon. Cranberry Hearts is also available now in many Walmarts, your local Christian bookstore, and has been seen in Target as well. And if for some reason you can't find what you are looking for, please contact me directly as I have copies I can sell as well.




  1. Sending prayers, andrea

  2. Thanks so much for your prayers, Andrea. It means so much! And so far they've had a fantastic first day!