Monday, February 16, 2009

What a catch!

Typically Monday is our day off. We head to the beach around lunchtime and enjoy the surf and the sea for the rest of the afternoon. For someone who's never been good at taking time off, it's a wonderful place to escape to. No cell phones, computers, or responsibilities. Just the sound of the waves and a good book, maybe a walk along the shore giving me time to think and pray.

Living near the sea also means an abundance of seafood, but we have to be careful and make sure that what we're buying is fresh. We have a friend who brings us fresh prawns from time to time, but I haven't had time to search out a good source for fish. Today, a guy came out of the water with a couple large fish, which means it was about as fresh as it could be, so we decided to buy one--for a whole four bucks.

Not a bad catch for the day! Of course, my greatest catch is the guy in the photo. :-)



PS And by the way, just so there's no confusion, Red is alive and crowing!

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