Thursday, February 12, 2009

Availability of goods

In the past few months, I've had to figure out what is available where we live and what items we need to bring in from the capital or South Africa, when we have the chance. We've also found another small store across the bay we can sometimes find things we can't buy here in town.

A typical trip to the market, which we have to do every three or four days, usually yields much of the same things. I shop from rows and rows of women who sit all day in their small stalls, with their wares spread out in front of them. I buy lettuce, garlic, tomatoes and onions from one woman; apples, bell peppers, and carrots from another. Pineapples, passion fruit, and mangos are plentiful. Another woman sells me raw peanuts and beans.

The Indian shops, more than half a dozen of them, sell yogurt, juice, popcorn, oil, spices, and vinegar (handy for jelly fish stings in the ocean). Another small shop sells clean rice, sugar, eggs, butter, and sometimes cheese and decent meat. There's also a bakery in town that sells wonderful bread, but with no preservatives, we normally buy a bagful of rolls everyday.

Scott is at the capital now, which means I've sent him my list of things I can't get here. Things like cottage cheese, yeast, and sour cream and thick TP.

Speaking of food, it's time to go fix breakfast!



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