Sunday, February 08, 2009

We're finishing up another busy week. Have had visitors here from the States and South Africa who will be leaving tomorrow. Everything went well until the lights went out about ten o'clock last night. We quickly realized that this wasn't one of our usual power outages. The bar across the street had power--their stereo was still booming--but everyone to our north was in darkness.
It seemed we were in it for the long haul.

The air was stifling hot and humid, but no electricity means no fans. And add to that, the water was off as well which meant no cold showers. Two of our guests were sick and the bar across the street stayed open blasting their stereo. . .ALL night.

We called early this morning, praying someone would come quickly to fix the problem, but this is Africa and things don't run quickly. Thankfully, though, they arrived within the hour and fixed a cable that had broken.

We are now sitting in front of the fans and enjoying the cool air and praying again that it will last all night.



PS The boys are loving living near the bay where they can go fishing. This is a photo of one of Jayden's recent catches.

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