Saturday, April 05, 2008

Three weeks and counting. . .

It's been another whirlwind week as we've started planning our return back to Africa. We decided on a house (more about that later), I've almost finished my latest book (whew!), and I've made it to unit 13 out of 15 in my Portuguese language book.

But best of all, my mother's here for a visit!

We picked her up on Wednesday morning, then drove almost two hours across Sao Paulo to the American Embassy to get new passports for Gabriel and Mariah, then another two hours home.

It's so great having her here, and we are looking forward to a couple weeks of catching up on all the time we've been apart.



Photos of Sao Paulo

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  1. It is great to see pictures of your mom! Please send her my greetings. I am continuing to pray for your upcoming return to Africa and have been encouraged to watch your "Brazil Story" unfold. I know that God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL and will keep on guiding the Harris family through all of the ups and downs. Blessings!

    I just had a weird memory of eating Doritos at your folks house and telling D-O-G to go to the basket. Funny how things pop up. Remembering with laughter...