Thursday, April 17, 2008

Name that Object

I've been wanting to post some interesting photos to see if you can guess what they are. There's a prize involved as well so make sure you read the entire post. :-) And if you'd like, leave a comment to let me know how many you get right!







A. Forget guacamole. Brazilians eat their avocados sweet. This is a photo of an avocado milkshake my teacher made for me. Take an avocado, add milk and sugar, blend, and you've got it!

B. Men's shaving cream

C. Figs

D. Boxed milk that has a long shelf life

E. Hook to hang up a hammock

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  1. I got three of the five correct. The fruits I didn't.

  2. Got 'em all! That's so funny that you have that avocado drink there. I was reading to the kids yesterday about how the French think pumpkin pie is a disgusting idea- pumpkin is a vegetable! Why would you want to eat it for desert? As an example I told them how we think of avocado as a vegetable, but they use it in ice cream! (Wasn't that in your avocado cookbook?)

  3. Wow! You both did great!

    As you probably know, I find differences in cultures fascinating, especially things regarding food. (Okay, I love to eat! :-))

    South Africa is like the French as far as the pumpkin goes. They say it is a vegetable. I've yet to try avocado ice cream, but they are supposed to have it here. I have to admit that I didn't love the avocado milkshake, though Gabriel loved it. I guess I love my guacamole too much. LOL

    Thanks for participating!