Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Taken for granted

Sunday was quite a day for the seven of us (including Scott's parents). I've never known how far we actually walk to different places, but Scott's mom has one of these step counters that measures how far you walk.

After walking to the bus, riding thirty minutes, walking to our house church and returning home she gave us the grand total. Seven miles!

That's when I started really thinking of things I've always taken for granted. Like having my own car. The truth is, though, that most of the world walks everywhere, washes their own laundry by hand, and even has to draw their own water from a well. Forget the ease of fast food, dry cleaners, and even a good education for their kids.

So instead of complaining about what I don't have (a car, dryer, hot water, etc) It was enough to make me stop and appreciate the things I do have.

Here's my list. (Though I know I could add TONS more!)

1. Health so I can walk everywhere
2. A washing machine (and sunny weather to dry them with)
3. A hot shower (the only hot water in the house, but at least I have that!)
4. Wireless computer access (What would I do without email :-) )
5. Great education experiences for my kids (so many kids don't have this)
6. A husband who does the dishes so I can write

And I could go on and on. . .

These are a couple photos from our walk. One outside the bus station where we grabbed a bag of cheese breads and waters. The second is Mariah with some of the Christians.

Rejoice in Him always!


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