Friday, March 21, 2008

Prayers for a safe house

It’s been a tough week for one of my crit partners who lost her daughter this week. While she morns, the rest of us have done what we can to help her through this difficult time, which is mainly holding her up in prayer.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when friends and family face difficult situations. As many of you know, Zimbabwe is currently facing some extremely difficult times. Sadly, it’s often the children and young girls who suffer the most. We’ve seen this over and over as we work with our orphans, even when it means transporting food across the boarder to make sure they get enough to eat.

Janelle has been working on a dream of hers-- safe house for girls. In Zimbabwe, currently, there are hundreds of young girls in very vulnerable situations. Some of these girls are our orphans. We feel that it is very important to do everything that we can to help get these girls out of situations that are detrimental to them.

Last week, Janelle met with the staff who overseas our orphan program where they discussed the possibility of a house for our girls living in vulnerable homes. The staff was extremely enthusiastic about the idea and immediately discussed what would need to be done to secure a house, who would be allowed to live in the house, who would care for these girls, along with other important issues.

Janelle and those working on the many details involved in this ask for your prayers that they will be wise and that doors will open so they can move quickly. Please pray for the right house and the right woman who will work as the caregiver for these precious girls.

And speaking of houses, please pray with us this weekend that Allen will be able to secure a house for us in Mozambique. Time is getting short before our return, and he needs sign a contract for a house this weekend while he is in Mozambique. He is planning to meet with the owner of the house we feel would be best for us to rent, but has not been able to contact the woman so far. God is faithful, and we’re not worried, but it will be a relief to know that we have a house waiting for us. And especially one that will meet our needs so perfectly.



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