Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We're official and other good news!

First, I want to thank you all so much for your prayers. Many of you have contacted me privately to tell me you are praying for us and it means so much. I wanted to share a few answered prayers today!

Visas: After working for the past six months to extend our Visas, we finally received new work permits allowing us to stay in South Africa! Our old ones expired last month (we had to cross the boarder to renew them temporarily) but our new ones are good for another four years!

Kids: Gabriel has completely recovered from his allergic reaction. We still don’t know what caused it this time, but except for a bit of peeling around his face, he is fine. He participated in the year’s first track meet with other schools in the area and did very well. He came in first in the high jump, first in the 70 m hurdles, and second in the 100 m sprint!

Mariah and Jayden were able to run their first track meet last Saturday, and while they won’t be running any other races this year, they sure enjoyed this fun day.

Ministry: Scott and Allen leave on Sunday night to spend a week in Johannesburg for intense Portuguese classes. Then the following Monday Scott leaves for Mozambique to work on finishing up our registration that will allow us to work in the country. We are anticipating three groups coming this summer to help with a medical clinic in Mozambique, a camp for the orphans we support in Zimbabwe, and help for a church in Zimbabwe to build a structure.

Writing: My last deadline is next week, and I’m currently working extra hours to finish up my first contemporary for Heartsong Presents that will come out this November. I’m waiting to hear from publishers on a number of projects, but until then, I’m looking forward to a bit of time off to catch up some other things between the kids and ministry.



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  1. Okay, see? This is a bad thing when you have the feeds come directly to your email, because you sit there reading them, but never pop over to the actual blog, thus never leaving comments.


    Wonderful pictures of your beautiful children! I love seeing them.