Monday, January 22, 2007

Prayers for our little athlete

We ended up taking Gabriel to the emergency room Sunday during church because of an allergic reaction. He’s had four reactions in the past three years, but we’ve always been able to trace them to something specific. So far we know he’s allergic to two preventative malaria medicines (he now is unable to take any malaria medicine) and fabric softener. This time we have no idea what caused the reaction.

At the hospital, with his lips and face swollen, they immediately put him on an IV to administer the medication as he was starting to have trouble breathing, though part of this we are sure was also a panic attack. He stayed about an hour before we were able to bring him home, but this was a scary time for all of us. Some of his reactions in the past have been severe, lasting up to a month. This one should clear up much sooner.

In spite of this, he was still able to participate in a swim meet Friday and the inner house track meet for his school on Saturday. In fact, all three children were able to run on Saturday, and while the meet was long, (at least for the mommies and daddies) they really enjoyed themselves. This is a compulsory day for all the students where they compete in a fun yet structured athletic meet to determine who will make the school team. Jayden loved his first track meet and was disappointed he couldn’t run more races. Even Mariah had fun, and this is coming from a girl who in the past has hated any kind of sports day. It’s nice when peer pressure helps in a positive way as many of her new friends enjoy track.

Today, I just found out that Gabriel ran the hurdles for the first time during practice and came in first. He’s also done very well in the high jump, long jump, and the 100 meter. He will be competing in all of these on Wednesday in the year’s first meet with other schools.

Please pray that we can find out what caused this last allergic reaction, and that God will grant Gabriel a measure of peace. He knows how bad it can be, and that’s scary for a nine year old.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement!



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  1. Yeah! Glad you're official. And the kids sound like they're doing well. Weird about the allgery. Bet you can't wait for a little writing break! C.