Friday, January 26, 2007

Say What?

I have to admit I’ve encountered a few rather odd things this week that have made me laugh. First of all, I’ve been so excited over the fact that our internet is now connected to a new tower about a mile from our house. I’m finally able to work and research without the internet going down every other day. Or so I thought. For the past week, the internet has started going off every night then eventually coming on in the morning. As you can imagine, with a looming deadline that requires online research, I’ve been a bit frustrated. Apparently the company that handles our internet service has been trying to find out what the problem is, fearing there was some sort of big issue to deal with. Turns out the problem wasn’t that serious at all. The new tower is on top of a woman’s house, and she’s been cutting off the electricity every night!

When’s the last time you went to McDonalds and ordered this burger for lunch?

An all beef patty, mustard sauce, cheese slice, tomato, hash brown, diced onion. . .and apricot chutney sauce. That’s the latest Steers special.

Lastly, the plagues of Egypt have been visiting in the form of frogs. Yesterday I stepped outside my back door and tripped over four of them. Everyday I find at least one inside. We’re just thankful that it’s not the snakes choosing to take up residence in our house!



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  1. I'm glad you have internet access again. The toad thing is sort of icky. Yes, snakes would be ickier.