Friday, July 21, 2006

Zambia photos

Scott returned home last night from his trip to Mozambique with a renewed excitement for our dreams for the Tonga people. Lots of incredible things have already started happening (faster than we ever imagined!) Absolute proof that God is moving through this and not just us. I will be sharing what’s happening in Mozambique this next week.

Alene, you were right about Victoria Falls! We were blessed to see this natural wonder from the air and even received permission to circle over it. Wow! A photo doesn't begin to do justice, but if you look at my new blogger header you will get a peak of what we saw. I'll share more pictures from Victoria Falls and our trip home through Botswana soon.

For now, I want to share a few more photos of our time with the church in Mongu.



Here's our wonderful group!

One of the baptisms.

The church invited differant groups to come and share a song. Here are the Bridges and Marcus from Sugar Creek teaching the congregation a new song.

Me with two of our hard workers during the clinic.

Unpacking the medicines that finally arrived just in time!


  1. Wow! A picture of Lisa! :-D Your hair has grown!! it's so beautiful to me to see these pictures--I feel connected. I love the picture of the baptism--there's just something so beautiful about it.

    THANK YOU for sharing them with the world (and me!).

  2. Beautiful!