Thursday, July 27, 2006


Before I jump into sharing a few photos from our game drive and a river boat safari along the Chobe River, I have to pass one some really neat news.

Yesterday I mentioned David Livingstone in my post. Livingston was a famous Scottish explorer and missionary across Africa who lived back in the 1800’s. I was captivated by his life after doing a bit of research for a fictional book I’m writing set in Africa. After I finish my current deadline (August 1st!!) I was planning to read his biography. Today I heard from a cousin of mine who is doing an extensive genealogy that includes my family, and she told me that David Livingston was the great, great, grandfather of my mother’s first cousins. As a missionary to Africa who’s heart has been captured by the people of this continent, this was REALLY cool news! Thank you, Alene!

Okay, onto the photos. Seeing the animals up close is always such an awesome experience for me. I love going on the game drives and could spend hours just watching the animals. We saw a family of monkeys, hippos, crocs, birds, elephants, giraffe, wild dogs, hyenas, lots of buck, buffalo, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few. We were also able to go down the Chobe River in a boat where we saw these elephants crossing the river (these are for you, Ronie!) and the hippos. The picture of the wart hog wasn’t a kill, the animal is just sleeping. LOL



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  1. Oh, my word! Those photos are GORGEOUS!! I love that first one and then this last one (because, of course, it has YOU in it)!! Thanks for posting these.

    How kewl about you being relate to Livingston. Genealogy is amazing, isn't it? I discovered my hubby is related through cousins to George Washington. Me? My family turned out to be French Loyalists--shh, don't tell. :-D