Thursday, June 22, 2006

School's out!

While most of you are well into summer vacation, we've just ended our second term and are getting ready to enjoy our winter break. The end of every term brings about a whirlwind of activities from the meetings with teachers, to final soccer games, to report cards, to school cake sales. After such a busy week, we are looking foward to a few days of down time before we leave on our ministry trip to Zambia next week.

I've also been thankful for God's blessings of new friends as we continue to settle into into the area. This week was spent getting to know a few people better by visiting over tea and working with some of the teachers at Jayden's class's cake sale.

Please continue to pray that all the red tape for our upcoming medical clinic will go through. With only a week and a half left, there are still a few things that must be done. We are praying that God will put us in contact with the right people who will push this through and that the medicines will arrive on time.

From a chill South Africa!



  1. WoW! He's so tall! God bless your clinic.

  2. Great pictures of your kiddo! :-D