Saturday, June 10, 2006


Gabriel had a soccer match in Polokwane, about an hour from here. Besides the fact that we had to leave at six this morning, (on a Saturday!) we had a great time. He played well and always enjoys getting out on the field and giving it his all. Since McDonalds is a huge treat for us (we don’t have one nearby), I spoiled the kids with happy meals on the way home. Then they all fell asleep and I cranked up the praise music and enjoyed the drive home through the mountains, past tea and banana plantations, and through the pine forests.

Our team is a bit spread out at the moment. Scott and Janelle are in the states for Janelle’s sister’s memorial service. Their family is very close, so I am thankful Scott is blessed to go as most of his family will be there. He has also spent some time dealing with the house we still own in Dallas. (We tried to sell it unsuccessfully before we left for Africa) The renters that have been living there are moving out and we are putting it on the market. We really need it to sell right away and the market is not great right now. PLEASE pray that it will sell quickly.

Allen has gone to Zimbabwe for the weekend for training, so please pray for him as well as he is traveling and teaching. Lastly, our medical clinic and evangelistic campaign is just around the corner in Zambia, and we need a prayer covering for all the preliminary details to fall into place and that many will be blessed both physically and spiritually through this.




  1. Oh, my, Lisa!! What a *very* handsome guy you have there. :-D So glad y'all had a good trip.

    Praying for you, the family, the house, and the upcoming clinic.

    Love ya!

  2. Wow, what a young man Gabriel has become! Praying Scott and Janelle have a safe trip, that your house sells FAST, and y'all have an extra dose of strength to do what needs to be done. :)