Friday, September 26, 2014

Life in Pictures: Catching up

I received a message from a sweet friend yesterday who asked me if I was still writing blog posts. I told    her that I was planning to post something soon, but that the past few weeks had been extra busy, and I just hadn't had a chance. What I didn't realize was that it had been over two months since I've posted anything!

I hope you enjoy a brief overview in photos of our life in Africa from the past two months. The hardest part was sending our three kiddos off to school the end of August for another year, but not only are they all doing well, God has also done some incredible things during this time in the ministry here on the home front, and we are so grateful! We are also very grateful to everyone who has come to Mozambique and worked beside us these past few weeks! It's been a whirlwind!

I am working on putting together some more detailed videos to share as Scott will be back in the US fundraising for AOM in November. I will share those here as well for those who are interested.

Lastly, on top of family and ministry, I'm somehow managing to keep up with my (tight) writing deadlines! I'm super excited about book three in my Southern Crimes series, Hidden Agenda, that will be available in January. Taken, another romantic suspense, set in Paris (my favorite city in the world!) comes out in February. And in the meantimes, I'm currently finishing up book one in a brand new series for my publisher that will come out fall 2015. All I can say is life is never boring!

That's it for now. Enjoy!

A group of the disciple went to our new church plant in
Matimbine (about an hour from where we live) to start work on a church structure.

Along with starting the structure, they also taught and worshiped together.

In July we also had twelve baptisms in Magola!

While Mariah was home, she spent a lot of time with the kids out in the village.
On her last day out, she brought them all new shirts which was a big hit!

A group of men from Shekinah House in South Africa came to help finish the structure
in Matimbine and camped out in the village for a couple nights.

Also in July, Richard Howard from the US came to teach. While we typically
hold an English Camp this time of year, we instead did a four day discipleship camp to
further ground our Christians in the word and how to share their faith. 

We had people come both from town and from the villages.

We have seen a renewed commitment and focus on evangelism from those who attended!

After dropping the kids off for school the end of August, we headed to Zimbabwe with Jack English from the US
and his daughter Amber. Amber will be staying with us for the next 8-9 months as an intern. Scott and Jack
spent for days teaching leaders from Zimbabwe and Zambia in our yearly training. I was able to go this year and
loved being able to spend time with these wonderful church leaders!

Four people came from Katy, Texas to work with our ministry in September and even
spent two nights camping out in the village!

They quickly bonded with many of the people.

During their time in the village, ten gave their lives to Christ and were baptized in the river.

Here Diane and Janet are teaching at our weekly women's bible study in the village.

The women loved the lesson and painting coffee filters to look like butterflies!

Showing off their butterflies.

We have also been able to bless a number of people via contributions to The ECHO Project.
If you saw the story of Joao earlier earlier, you might remember that he was suffering from his
skin rotting away. We have been blessed by those who have stepped up to help care for him
 and he is doing much better!

We were able to give food to the mother of this newborn and are
continuing to provide the baby with formula as her mother can't breast feed.

We are currently giving out five monthly food baskets to help
families in need and those who are taking care of orphans.

Visiting the mother in her compound and praying with her. After several
visits she gave her life to Christ!
ECHO Project funds also went to build this house for one of
the Christians in the village. She cares for her orphaned grandchildren
and had to move out of the home where she was living.
She will also be one who will help us as needed to take in people
who need temporary help and housing as a trial project we hope to expand.

Be blessed today!



  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I always get my faith boosted by seeing what you are doing in the Name of the Lord in your area. To LIVE the command of Jesus to 'go, preach to the whole world' is such an awesome & inspiring thing that you do. Not only do you teach, preach AND follow up with these beautiful peoples, but you do so with great love. I have a few questions - what are the children's dots in the photo with your daughter & the new shirts? Is the lady wearing white in the photo with a baptism with child? (11 up from bottom) The little boy whose skin is healing - is the mother's smile a story in itself! The coffee filter butterflies, which are the symbol of HOPE, are so awesome! It is difficult to realize that others have never had the fun of painting. I LOVE the plan of a temporary home for others with the new home built for the last photo. All in all, I thank you & others for your long term commitment to these beautiful people who have so little, yet seem so happy. WE need lessons from THEM! Praise the Lord for all that you do. Alene

  2. Thank you for your sweet words, Alene! You are always an encouragement! As for your questions. . .the dots are stickers she brought for them and they love them! They put them all over themselves. :-) I wasn't at that baptism, but yes, I'm sure she is! And the woman with the little boy who skin is healing is actually one of those who has been taking care of him. His mother has died. They loved the painting and many clearly had never even held a paint brush. They had so much fun! Blessings to you! Lisa

  3. Dropping by here today was a nudge from the Lord. You have encouraged me and inspired me with this post. Praying for the Lord to continue to work mightily.

  4. Thank you so much for your prayers, Kelly!