Sunday, August 05, 2012

The end of summer. . .

When I read my Facebook posts, it seems that summer is finally coming to an end. Vacation is ending, school will be starting soon, and hopefully the weather will begin cooling off.

Well. . .things have been a bit different on our side of the world. 

*It's finally cool enough for me to function with winter here. Perfect weather, actually. 

*Forget summer break. We've just finished a whirlwind season hosting five, short-term mission teams from the US, Brazil, and South Africa. 

*School is. . .almost over. The kids have been working hard and will finish up the end of next week!

*We spent the last week working hard converting our school room--which was converted to a storage unit when our team mates arrived earlier this year--to a small apartment for Mel and Mandy who will also be working with us. They will be staying here until the electricity is put into the house we've built for them 
out at the land.

*In the meantime, work on our house continues with the foundation pretty much finished!

*Ministry: We had three more baptisms this past week. We praise God for the way He is moving, and how He used the recent groups to add to our ministry.

Watch video below.

Baptisms from Lisa Harris on Vimeo.