Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on the twins...Two weeks old

Scott and David went out to the village today to teach and check on Julia and the twins. The baby that was taken to the hospital last week is doing better and his rash is partially cleared up, so we are grateful for that. Julia is also slowly getting stronger, but she isn't producing milk, so we are thankful for the availability of formula. She was almost out of the second can, so their timing was perfect. We will take a couple more cans on Sunday to ensure she doesn't run out as communicating with someone from the village isn't always possible.

We will also take more food on Sunday to ensure that Julia is eating enough to keep up her strength. She told David and Scott that she needed corn meal--one of their staple foods--and eggs. She also needs a new bottle as one of them cracked this week. We'll buy several to ensure that she has two for each baby. The church in town that we work with has "adopted" the babies as well and is helping out as they can financially, and we are thrilled to see them get involved in serving others.

The saying that "it takes a village" is so true as taking care of these babies has become a family affair. You can see, too, how tiny they still are in the photos. Please continue to pray for this sweet family. Scott and David spent most their time there praying with the Christians and encouraging them. The weather continues to be cold and rainy which along with everything else, makes it hard on everyone.

A special thanks to those of you who have given to The ECHO Project so we can continue to help in situations like this. We've been so encouraged by your generosity. We have a number of other projects planned in the coming weeks that will truly make a difference in the lives of individuals. I will be sharing more in the near future about what is planned including the building of more homes for the homeless.

Count your blessings today!


One of the twin's cousins helping out.


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    What a blessing - God is so good. Thank you for sharing an update.

  2. I saw them again today. So tiny and so sweet. Thanks for the prayers!