Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update on the twins

Last Wednesday, Emily and I visited the twins and their mother out in the village and took her some fresh fish and peanuts. We were thrilled to see her feeling better and looking much stronger! The twins were eating well, both breast-feeding and taking the bottle as she still doesn't have enough milk.

One of the twins had a bad rash on his head, so Emily felt that we needed to take him to see a doctor. I believed there was a chance he could be dehydrated, so we drove mama and her babies along with her mother-in-law to the hospital. After over an hour and a half of waiting in the hot sun (as we were told to do!) they called her in then told her that they were finished seeing babies for the day and she would have to come back tomorrow.

I wasn't very happy, but there wasn't anything I could do, so we drove back to the village. Since they live much closer to the hospital than I do, I gave them transport money so she could go with her mother-in-law back to the hospital Thursday morning.

Most of them don't have phones, so I wasn't able to get an update right away as we couldn't contact anyone. On Sunday, three of the disciples went to teach and took several gifts, but most of the village was gone to a funeral including the mama and her twins. So I was happy to know that she was able to travel. We still haven't been able to get a hold of them by phone for an update, but we are planning to drive out to take the twins some more formula tomorrow or Thursday and see how they are doing.

To make things more challenging, a tropical depression hit the coast of Mozambique yesterday. There has already been a substantial amount of rain and high winds. One phone carrier is already down, and the Internet off and on, so communication is getting harder as well.

Typical house stucture

This non stop rain makes it extremely difficult for the people here, many who live in reed homes. Imagine having small children--or twin newborns--and trying to keep them dry and clean. You can wash their diapers and clothes, but there is no way to dry them. Roofs leak, and after a two or three days of rain, things begin to mold and start smelling bad. With high enough winds, there is even the strong possibility of weak structures falling over.

Please continue to pray for the twins and their mama and those effected by the storm.



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