Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photos of the day

Mozambique's Walmart

We spent yesterday at one of the government offices for our yearly renewal of our papers that allow us to stay in the country. On the way home (we were about an hour away) we found a new Chinese shop that has recently opened. I'm calling it my Mozambique Walmart as it sells everything and has some really good prices. It surprised me at how excited I got, but it's always nice to have new options of places to shop even though it isn't a town I visit often. Funny thing is, you can actually see the town from our roof, but it is across the bay so we either take a boat which is quicker, or drive around if we need a vehicle.


Many of you probably know that one of our sweet Christian woman's house burned down a couple of weeks ago. She is a single mother of five and to build a new house would have been extremely difficult. Thanks to donations to The ECHO Project we were able to buy the materials to build her a new house. Several of our disciples have been working on this project over past two weeks along with some added help from our mission team from Texas. This also gave these young men some added income that will help them greatly as we gave them gifts for their hard work. I've posted new photos below.

Yesterday, they put in the cement floor, and now all that is left is the hanging of the door. We have a lot of exciting things that we are going to be sharing regarding The ECHO Project in the coming months where you can involve your youth groups, children classes, and small groups, so be sure and stay in touch!

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