Monday, June 27, 2011

How to build a house 101

I've had several ask about the house we have been building for one of our Christian women, so I wanted to share this video as her house is now finished!

Thank you so much for the help from our disciples, the Katy team, and funds from The ECHO Project that made all of this possible.

Be a blessing today!



  1. Impressive - we especially liked the media room!

  2. The "media" room really made me think. Not that I have a media room, :-) but her joy over so little was so big! May we always be grateful for what we have.

  3. couldn't view your video. What are people saying about the "media room" ? I'd like to know more about it. Thanks.

  4. Laura, It' working fine for me, but try this link. Maybe that will work. The "media room" was part of a tour of the one room house we built, just showing how thankful she was for the one room even with out the media room, dining room, living room, etc many of us are used to.