Friday, May 27, 2011

School uniforms for our orphans

While the main desire of our ministry, African Outreach Ministries, is to make disciples who make disciples, we also strive to help meet the physically needs of those we work with.

For many years, our ministry has worked with dozens of orphans in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Recently, there was a need with our orphans in Zimbabwe for new school uniforms so that the children would be able to attend school. Last fall, we started The ECHO Project as a way for us to meet the needs we see on a day-to-day basis, primarily in Mozambique, but also in conjunction with our orphan ministry.

Thanks to the generous donations of many of you, we were able to give money to buy uniforms for many of these sweet children so they could attend school.

We have a number things I'll be sharing with you in the coming weeks as we reach out to the community around us along side several summer mission groups that are headed our way from the States and Brazil. We are also in the process of finishing up an exciting ECHO Project fundraising kit we will be unveiling soon that can be used for Sunday school classes, youth groups, ladies classes. Stay tuned for a chance to make a difference!

Be blessed today!,


(Some of the children with their new school uniforms)

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  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    its nice that many people donate money to buy uniforms for the orphanage. its nice to hear that there are still many people who are generous enough to help the needs of others