Monday, March 21, 2011

A day in the life...

In the midst of packing, we were excited to celebrate my aunt signing a contract on her house. We drove up into the mountains west of us, went to church, then stopped for lunch at one of the hotels overlooking the vast, green valley. The fog and mist were heavy and it was cool, but it was also great to spend some time away from the house and packing.

I wanted to share a funny story from Scott who is still in Mozambique. He's spent the past few days out in David's village teaching with some of the disciples. Sunday night, he had to drive to the capital in order to pick up some legal papers for our car, so he stayed in one of the local hotels.

Here is his conversation with one of the employees.

Scott: There is no remote for the TV.
Employee: We are sorry, but we are having a problem in this area.

Scott: I also asked for the internet.
Employee: Sorry, it isn't working, we are having a problem in this area.

Later that evening...

Scott: Why is there no hot water in my room?
Employee: We are sorry, but a part broke and we expect the part to arrive tomorrow and will be fixed tomorrow.

So much for a nice hot shower after days in the village as he, of course, will be gone by the time it is fixed.

You just have to laugh.

Be blessed,


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