Thursday, August 06, 2009

On the move. . .

I thought I'd send a quick update on our move. While technically, we're only moving about a mile and a half away, there still is, of course, a lot to do. We're about halfway through, and are looking forward to sleeping in our new house tonight.

Along with the move, Scott has stayed busy with ministry and had a study with fifteen of the students from the English camp. They are all very excited and wanting to meet twice a week, so we are thrilled with how God is moving and changing lives.

Just like Scott, I've had other commitments beside the move like school and writing. I just emailed off a detailed synopsis to my editor at Zondervan for book two, and I'm excited to see what she thinks. This book is the second in my Mission Hope suspense series set in Africa that will come out the beginning of 2011.

I've heard from a lot of people who have seen both Cranberry Hearts and Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio in Walmart, Sams, and bookstores. This is exciting for me, since there are no bookstores anywhere near us for me to check them out. If you see a copy, I'd love to hear from you and where you saw it!

This photo is one I took recently in Kruger of a female lion who walked right alongside our car for several minutes. Two of her cubs were shy and hung back in the bush.




  1. Hi, Lisa,

    I saw Cranberry Hearts and Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio at my local Christian bookstore here in Rochester.

    All the best with your move, and I hope the editor loves your synopsis. :)

  2. Sending prayers that all will go well with your move. GOD BLESS, andrea