Friday, June 26, 2009

Greetings from a very chilly South Africa!

We're staying at a missionary guest house, and quickly remembering how cold SA can be in the winter. But not only do we have a nice cottage to stay in, we also have internet!

We dropped off the team on Tuesday with plans to have our cars serviced and then head home on Friday, but as normal, things don't typically go as planned. The car had some problems (four holes in the radiator for starters) that had to be taken care of, so it looks as if we will be here through the weekend.

God is good, though. Some of you received the prayer request for Gabriel. We took him to the doctor Wednesday to check out a lump in his chest. The doctor had a sonogram done and it was determined that he needed a biopsy. After a night of prayer, we went to the hospital this morning for the biopsy with a second doctor, who decided to do another sonogram and an xray first. When the results were done, both doctors agreed that the lump was only a swollen gland and nothing serious. It had also shrunk considerably since the first exam the day before.

Praise God!

We will watch it, but don't have to go back until next year to have it rechecked.

Here are a few photos taken during our time in the village last week. The team worked together with the villages to transport water from another pump to the one being dug as part of the drilling process. God opened doors in some amazing ways into the village. We also were blessed to baptize Pascoal in the ocean last Saturday night. Scott, David, and Pascoal will start their follow up next week to those interested in hearing more.

Thanks for all your prayers!



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  2. So glad to hear about Gabriel! My girls loved Mariah singing in the car and Jayden running from the pumbahs! They thought he was really cute.

    Love your site - blessings.
    PS: talking about Scott and Aaron in my message tomorrow (98 year old man).

  3. Praising GOD with you for Gabriel's good news and for all He is continuing to do in Africa.

  4. Thank you, Lord, for the good report on Gabriel.

    Hope the cars are fixed soon!