Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Open wide!

Our internet has been down since the weekend. We finally decided to try a small internet cafe in town. Hopefully it will be working tomorrow.

With all the feedback I received on my hippo photos, I had to post this one that comes with a warning to parents to cut down on your kids sweets! LOL

I'm planning to post another book giveaway on Monday if my internet is up and running. So be sure and stop by for the chance to win one of several copies of Love Finds you in Revenge, Ohio!




  1. This made me laugh since yesterday morning I went to the dentist, then right after took the boy to the orthodontist to get his braces on. :)

  2. Great picture....

  3. What perfect timing! I'm sure your report from the dentist was far better than my hippo friend. LOL

  4. nice!!!...and for you...

    "Negema wangu binti"