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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even in the short time that we've been here, it's exciting to see what God is doing. While I've spent most of my time working with the kids to finish up the school year and get the house running again after our absence, Scott's been out spending time with our disciples. Our goal is training them through life-on-life which means a lot of time out with the people we are working with.

And the kids are catching this vision as well. Yesterday, Mariah agreed to teach English to two of the neighborhood boys. Today, they showed up and school began. I was amazed to see that she'd prepared a lesson plan, had pens and notebooks for them, as well as her "classroom" set up. We'll also show an English Bible film from time to time. Jayden's also found a student to work with and is excited to start teaching him.

Gabriel made plans to go fishing with some friends and told us he wanted to disciple them as well. We talked about what that meant and was excited to see them realize that we're here not to fulfill a job requirement, but to live the life Jesus has called us to live.

And we're casting the vision to our new Christians as well. We want the community to see that we are different that we love and care about them and want to show that through everything we do. Scott challenged them last week to come up with some ways for us to reach out to the community and simple show them our love. Several great examples were given and today we plan to set times to get together as a group and reach out.

Pray for the new Christians here and wisdom for us as we try to serve the community here.



Mariah teaching English


  1. It's so nice blog with informative world development. I like to read more,
    keep on updating.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Stop back often!

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    It is so awesome to see your kids following in your foot steps. Sometimes I wonder what my children will do (They are 5 & 7). I hope they follow the path that Christ has shown to us, not my broken, faltering steps that seem childish most days.

    God bless you all!

    Anita in Indiana

  4. There will always be those up times, but I understand all to well the faltering steps in my own life. Thankfully, God's grace is bigger than all of us, and praying that they follow in His steps--and never ours--is the only way.