Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you Twitter?

It's been a hectic week with guests from Brazil, final exams for Gabriel, and a writing deadline tomorrow. Add to that, the humid weather is like a sauna and makes me want to do everything in slow motion!

For those who have asked for an update about Emmanuel in Zimbabwe (he was in a serious car accident last week), we Just received news that he is doing well and the great news is that now he can "feel when someone touches his legs"!!! He still cannot move them (or very little), but the physical therapist said that he will be working on his legs soon. So, keep up your prayers for a complete recovery. Also, Pastor Nyandoro successfully delivered corn to all the rural districts. AOM is planning on sending more food relief funds to purchase another consignment of corn in the near future. God is good!!

Lastly, do you Twitter? If you'd like to receive short, mini-like blogs from me (very short and fairly frequent) about my life in Africa, you can go here to sign up. This is a fun, real-time way to keep in touch. Check it out.

And while all of you are enjoying your snow and hot chocolate, here's a photo of our summertime beach.




  1. Hey Lisa! I enjoy hearing about how things are going in Africa. We just got home yesterday from the hospital with Kaitlin after her surgery for a ruptured appendix. It has been a really exhausing time for us. I miss hanging out with you, but I'm greatful for this technology that lets us stay in touch. Say hi to Scott for us!

  2. Do you get many medical missions where you are? I am hoping to do medical missions when after I become a nurse. I'd love to get to help your community then.

  3. Wow, I hope Kaitlin is feeling better and recovering from her surgery. I'll be praying for her.

    As for medical missions, we've done two here. One in Zambia about four years ago that went very well and another one here. The problem, though was that we never were able to receive permission from the government, which we understand is pretty normal. The doctors made rounds at the hospital, but weren't able to treat patients, so it ended up being pretty frustrating even though God still brought good through it.

    Even with that said, there are opportunities here, so keep us informed of your plans. I think becoming a nurse is fantastic!