Saturday, November 29, 2008


We're still in South Africa, waiting to get our car serviced--one of those inconvenient necessities. In the meantime, the kids have decided to take advantage of grandpa and grandma's pool. It's been a bit of a shock coming from a very chilly autumn to the middle of summer. The mosquitos are buzzing and the humidity's on the rise, but the grass is green and the flowers are stunning.

There is always a few things that strike me when I return to Africa after being away for a while.

The throng of people walking along the side of the road.

Groceries stores with wall-to-wall customers and no air-conditioning.

A breeze sifting through the open windows of the house.

Birds and insects chirping in the early morning hours.

Bright blue, cloudless sky.

Neighbors music playing in the background.

Smell of jasmine lingering in the night air.

Ahhh. . .it's good to be home.

So for those of you living above the equator, here's a bit of summer help with those ice cold days.



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