Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't believe everything you read. . .

While I rarely surf the internet, there are a few nights when it's too early to sleep and I'm too tired to write when I find myself wasting time on the internet instead of coming up with some great prose for my editor.

Like tonight. I thought I'd google my name just for fun.

One of the first things I found out about my name was that I had a book published I never sold. In fact, when this cover was first posted on the internet, I wasn't even published. Well, you guessed it. I just found out that this cover is still online at a couple places with my name on it. When someone told me about it years ago, I quickly contacted the publisher and they fixed it. But you can still read the teaser for my story--which was rejected--here.) Can you guess which one was mine?

Of course, with a common name like mine, that hasn't been the only online mix up. There's another author who writes secular romances and at one time used my name as a pen name. Now even while this author isn't me, you can find lists of books with hers and mine all together under "Lisa Harris." I long ago decided I'll never be able to correct this, so I've given up on worrying about it even though I've wondered if her covers might shock some of my readers.

So like they say don't believe everything you read.

As for me, I'm off to finish my word count for the day. (Yes, I really am. . .)



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