Friday, October 24, 2008

The great adventure. . .

The Internet is an amazing thing. I wanted to plan something special for the kids while we were back in the States, so while we were still in Mozambique, we ordered tickets to a Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert and was able to simply print out the tickets.

How fast and easy is that!

Fast and easy, that was until I tried to actually get to the concert.

We met friends and family for dinner three miles from the concert so I'd be close. The doors opened at six, so I figured I could leave a little after six and have plenty of time to find a parking place and our seats before it started at seven.

Easy right?


As we head toward the concert, I realized quickly there was a serious problem. Traffic was moving slower than a snail. There were times when the light was green and we simply didn't move. I kept glancing at the clock on the dashboard. Six thirty. . .six forty five. . .at seven o'clock we still had another mile to go and no alternative route.

At seven thirty--thirty minutes late--we finally pulled into the parking lot, but wait a minute. . .it was the wrong parking lot.

It was dark now and poorly marked, but I quickly decided that I wasn't getting back out into all that traffic again and there was obviously a large number of people headed for the concert who were also parked in this adjacent lot. So we'd just walk. Simple? Ha. We followed the crowed and ended up having to scale down a wall behind a bar to get to the event.

But it was all well worth it. The concert was fantastic. Steven Curtis Chapman spoke of the loss of his daughter and how he'd had to question the truth behind the songs he sang if he were to ever perform again. It was personal, real, and moving as he sang about God and his faithfulness even in the midst of this deep tragedy.

I cried through half the songs, worshiped with the four thousand plus crowd, and felt a spiritual renewal I need.

They sang "The Great Adventure" which reminded me of the adventure God has called all of us on. For me, the past year hasn't been easy. We've lived in four countries (three continents), worked hard through language school, started home schooling, had to pack, move, write, help my mother transfer into her new place. On a very personal note, I've been tired, fatigued, spiritual empty at times, and fought to keep my creativity alive.

But I've also grown through this time in ways I'd never imagined. I've had to realize what is really important in life. Through it all God's grace and love has been what has sustained me. Even in the times when I haven't been sure I could do it, he's reminded me that it's His strength and not my own that has allowed me to "accomplish" things.

So saddle up your horses we've got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace
Let's follow our leader into the glorious unknown
This is a life like no other - this is The Great Adventure

Live the adventure for Him today!


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  1. Oh man! That concert sounds WONDERFUL! So glad you guys go to enjoy it, even after a "great adventure" of your own. LOL