Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wagons west. . .I mean east

I've always wondered if I would be one of the brave pioneers who headed out west in North America to find a new life. Many of them faced hardships, death, and sorrow along the way, while others found the new life they were looking for in the rugged untamed territories of the west.

I told Scott this week that I feel a bit like a pioneer. We've spent the past week working out travel arrangements and stocking up on supplies we will need like mosquito nets, laundry soap, and some staple food items. Th reality, though, is that our trek into Mozambique is nothing like it was for the settlers back then. When they left home, most of them never saw family members again. There were no telephone, internet, or moving trucks.

Turn of the twenty century missionaries had it even worse. They often left behind children and spouses and packed up their belongings in a coffin. No. Life is definitely easier for us today.

When we packed up to go to Brazil for language school, one of the hardest things we had to do was give away our pets, but circumstances made it necessary. So one of the things on our list has been to find pets for the kids. Which is exactly what we did this week. We decided that each child would have their own animal and with that pet would come not only the joy of having a pet, but the responsibility as well.

So meet Bella. (first photo) Bella is Jayden's new puppy. Eight weeks old and a ball of energy and personality. She's already bonded with him. She's a Jack Russell. This breed is especially good at catching snakes.

Next is Arya below, Gabriel's sweet and cuddly golden retriever. She is such a beautiful dog, and at six weeks old, loves to nap with Gabriel.

Mariah decided to wait and find a kitten in Mozambique. In the meantime, she's enjoying playing with the pups without having to clean up after them.

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