Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our new house

I realized this week that I haven't posted any photos of our new house. The owners are busy having a second floor built, and will move into it once it is finished. Considering it was supposed to be finished over a month ago and still has tons of work left, I don't think they will move in for quite a while. While we would prefer our own place, we think the situation will work out well. They have their own entrance and the yard is blocked off so we have our half for privacy.

Sunday night, we had a small church service and was excited that our living room was full. We are planning to use house churches throughout the area, but this was an encouraging beginning to our work here.

When we first move in, I hated my kitchen. The workmanship is horrid and the cupboards are nothing more than deep cement holes, which isn't exactly where you want to put your clean dishes. It's amazing, though, what a bunch of cleaning can do. We are still going to built shelves in the bottom shelves, so I don't have to store my pots and pans in a bucket, but I actually love my kitchen now!

Another project this week was to hang up mosquito nets. While the annoying fliers don't bother me, they certainly bother the rest of the family, and with malaria and issue here, they are important. This is Jayden's bed and net in the room he's sharing with Mariah.

I love my schoolroom! We have just enough room for four desks and two bookshelves and so far it's working out great. We started yesterday and Gabriel told me that he loved his first day back to school. Not bad. And I even have the library for the kids I've wanted.

I couldn't resist throwing in this last photo. We had some major plumbing problems to correct. The master bath was flooding at least an inch at night, and the main bathroom tub drained into. . .well. . .that was the question. Yesterday we brought in our own plumber who said the whole system had been done wrong and fixed both the leak and the tub. You can imagine my horror though, as I walked into the bath and saw the tub removed! As of today, though, the leak is gone.

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  1. This looks like a GREAT house, Lisa! glad you're finally settled;)

    Love you!