Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winter in Africa

I've learned in the past few months to be more appreciative for the things I have--through things I have had to temporarily do without. Things like a vehicle, washing machine, and refrigerator are items I've always taken for granted. Considering that most people in the world don't have any of those "necessities" we truly are blessed having these conveniences in our everyday lives.

We are now enjoying winter in Africa, a time of year I love. The sun sets early here, bringing with it a chill at night, but the days are mostly warm and sunny. There are no snow-capped mountains close by, though it is possible for a frosty night to nip the plants. And the plants, as you can see in these photos from my aunt's garden, are especially beautiful--even in winter.

BTW, I received some interesting responses to my photo I posted a few days ago of the white bags hanging from the trees. They are filled with cashews that are grown in the area, then sold by the side of the road.

Be thankful today for your blessings,


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