Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Housing update

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all your prayers, emails, and phone messages. It’s kept us going the past few weeks as we go through this transition. Some of you have expressed concerns over our current living conditions, and I wanted to give a quick update on that.

We had every intention to make the situation in the house we are now renting work, but after a lot of prayers and discussion with our teammates, we’ve decided that we are going to move. Loud music begins before six, sometimes from all three sides, and lasts until late at night with all I can describe as African karaoke. Water is out most mornings and evenings. There are a number of other issues, including the fact that we will have to invest more money in the house just to make it livable (adding a water tower and a place for washing machine, etc) We also learned that the road leading to our road floods during rainy season making it impossible to pass. I already have to use four-wheel drive just to park inside our yard as it is.

We’ve found another house not far from here that we can move into without putting any extra money into it to make it livable. The area is quiet, safe, and has water 24/7. We are also praying about building a house during the next year which would be a good investment, because we are so near the sea. The house we’ve decided to rent won’t be available until the 5th of July, so we will return to SA after we receive our paperwork on Tuesday. There we can organize the transport of our things, rest some, and return here with our furniture the beginning of July.

I’m still without internet and only checking every few days, so please understand that I’ll be slow at responding to personal emails. Continue to keep us in your prayers. It means so much as we juggle a household with no refrigerator, stove, washing machine, or dryer, but God is good. I am managing to keep up with the kids, school and my writing, but definitely am looking forward to when we actually have our furniture again and more settled lives.

I’m posting photos of the sea today. What a blessing to be living near such a beautiful place, and the kids, of course, love it. We plan to spend our day off every week there just enjoying the peace of the ocean. It’s truly stunning, and we are looking forward to many of you coming for a visit!



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  1. Wow, the ocean is just gorgeous! I can see why you're excited about living so close. I'm praying for you and the family that you'll have a quick and safe transition--and praying for July to come FAST! :-D