Monday, February 25, 2008

On our way home!

Well, we survived our trip into the Amazon and are on our way home today! And wow, what an adventure we had! God blessed us with an incredible time and some much needed refreshment and renewal as a family. We are ready to jump back into school again.

I'll be posting lots of photos in the days to come as well as highlights from our trip so be sure and keep up with our posts. From swimming with pink dolphins, to fishing for piranha, to listening to the howler monkeys scream across the rain forest.

More soon,


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  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Wow, what an experience this must have been for you all! Those pink dolphins look a little scary with the teeth. They must have been gentle, though, if the kids were feeding them. I'll be praying for the details to be worked out on the house deal and your entrance to Mozambique....

    Thanks for sharing!
    Julie (Thompson) Cole