Monday, February 11, 2008

Ever the Adventure. . .

Yesterday, Scott was supposed to preach at a house church about forty minutes away, so about nine o'clock we headed for the bus station where we were to met Francisco who would help us get to Indaiatuba. Of course, this was also the time it started pouring down rain!

I have to admit that I wasn't particularly happy at that moment. Getting drenched on the way to church isn't fun. Thankfully, the heavy rains let up fairly quickly, so with a back pack of dry clothes (just in case) we continued on toward the station. The only problem at this point was that we weren't sure exactly how far (or where) the main station was. So we jumped on a bus that was supposed to take us there, but when we arrived, we couldn't find our friend. A quick phone call confirmed that we were at the wrong station. With the bus to Indaiatuba leaving in ten minutes, we didn't have time to get there, but did find another bus that would get us there.
Not really complicated at all, right? Wrong.

We were on our way to the right city, but didn't know where to get off the bus. Scott thought he saw the exit to where the church met, but I wasn't too keen on getting off in the middle of the highway (yes they stop there) so we ended up going all the way into Indaiatuba. About thirty minutes past the church. Eventually, we had someone come and pick us up in his car, finally making it to church about three hours after we left home!

Thankfully, Brazilians aren't worried about time like Americans, and they were all happy to see us. Scott did a great job speaking, and we ended up having a wonderful time with the small group of Christians.

Once again, when it was time to leave (about seven that night) it was pouring again, so our friends graciously took drove us home even though it was not on their way. We are so thankful for this small group of Christians who have allowed us to be a part of their fellowship!

Thought you might enjoy a few photos of Brazil outside our neighborhood.

Prayer request: We've all been healthy the past three months of living here, but this weekend Scott came down with a cold and spend most of Saturday resting. Now, I'm coming down with the same thing, (he would have to share that!) but I really don't have time to be sick! Please pray that I can't shake this quickly and that the kids won't get sick.



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